Perhaps this is my all-time personal favorite health detox drink! My morning daily ritual on an empty stomach, I make this every other day double portion enough for two days for one person.

My Citrus Milk taste as good as it looks, and you may modify it to your personal liking by adding more or less of the following ingredients…


Lemon Citrus Milk

Here’s what you’ll need…

  • Blender, glass container / glass bottles, funnel, sifter, spoon

Ingredients for Lemon Citrus Milk 

Ingredients ~ 

  • One Lemon “Organic” medium to large
  • Fresh Ginger – 2 to 4 inches thinly sliced
  • Olive oil – 1 Tbsp first press, cold press, extra-virgin, organic. Use Greek olive oil or Braggs
  • Raw local honey – 1 Tbsp …more if you like it a bit sweeter
  • (Optional) a small fresh slice of turmeric
  • 4 to 5 cups of purified water

Instructions ~ 

  1. Wash lemon and cut in four quarters
  2. Peel ginger & cut in thin slices (in photo I sometimes use my fermented ginger)
  3. In blender add water and 1 Tablespoon of olive oil and 1 Tablespoon of raw honey  (add more or less to your liking)
  4. Also add lemon and ginger into blender (optional turmeric – small slice)
  5. Blend all ingredients on low setting at first then “full high” setting for a few minutes until all contents are liquefied and pulp is extra fine.
  6. Pour contents into a glass container or several glass jars using a funnel and fine sifter separating the pulp and only pouring liquid in container.
  7. Use a spoon to move pulp around the sifter so liquid can get through. Once pulp fills the sifter place pulp aside into a small bowl and repeat until all liquid citrus milk is poured into glass container.
  8. Drink your Citrus Milk on an empty stomach upon rising each morning. I love it so much and it taste so good I sometimes drink this throughout the day!
  9. Refrigerate unused portion and drink within two days time.
  10. (Optional) I sometimes use my pulp and mix it with organic cinnamon and raw honey and eat this as porridge! (see photos below).

Health Benefits ~ 

  • Lemon: Alkalizing – Lemons are acidic to begin with but they are alkaline-forming on body fluids helping to restore balance to the body’s pH. Rich in vitamin C & helps neutralize free radicals, cleaning for the liver and bowels, helps to dissolve gallstones, calcium deposits, and kidney stonestreats scravy, The lemon peel contains the potent phytonutrient tangeretin, which has been proven to be effective for brain disorders like Parkinson’s disease. Lemons have powerful antibacterial properties, strengthens blood vessels & eyes, Lemons contain 22 anti-cancer compounds, including naturally occurring limonene; oil which slows or halts the growth of cancer tumors in animals and flavonol glycosides which stop cell division in cancer cells. Lemon is the ONLY food in the world that is anionic (an ion with a negative charge). All other foods are cationic (the ion has a positive charge.) This makes it extremely useful to health as it is the interaction between anions and cations that ultimately provides all cell energy. (Read more on health benefits on lemons… http://www.care2.com/greenliving/16-health-benefits-of-lemons.html)

Actually all these ingredients are powerful superfoods and with this combination you’ll start to notice & feel great within days! You’ll have more energy, aids in weight loss, aches and pains will dissipate within a week! Remember there are no magic bullets cure all remedies, diet and exercise, rest and a low stress lifestyle must be incorporated.


Blend whole organic lemon, ginger, raw honey, extra-virgin olive oil 


…add 4 to 5 cups of purified water 


Blend all ingredients until all contents are liquefied and pulp is extra fine.


Use funnel and fine sifter to separate the pulp from liquid. 


Pour citrus milk into glass container(s)


Ingredients for Lemon Citrus Milk – lemon, ginger, raw honey, extra-virgin olive oil  ♡


Porridge from citrus milk pulp, just add organic cinnamon & raw honey ♡

The porridge actually taste like a citrusy oatmeal… not bad at all, an acquired taste.

giphy-1 Please share thoughts or comments below…

To Your Health ♡

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