“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ~ Hippocrates ca. 400 BC

YB2005Yolanda Bertaud, MSOM, HHP, CH.

  • (Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine)
  •  (Holistic Health Practitioner) 
  • (Chinese Herbalist/Pharmacopoeia)

Health & Wellness Consultant & Researcher ~

Advocating natural/organic foods & gardening, humane animal methods on farming and the impact it has on our environment. Supporting our local organic farmers, raw, vegan & vegetarian foods, ketogenic, (If carnivorous) choosing free-ranged chickens, grass-fed beef, paleo & wild game, sustainable fishing methods. Say No to GMOs & Fluoridated Water!


*Partner & Operator of a Chicago Italian-Cajun Restaurant
*Practitioner & Director of a Holistic Medical Clinic in Evanston, Illinois
*Arts & Design – commissioned artwork & interior arts.

email: ByzantineFlowers@hotmail.com

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  5. Hello, How do I get in touch to ask about what I can take and give to my family?

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