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There are many health benefits to using colloidal silver. For instance, medical uses of silver are used in hospitals for the medical treatment of people who have suffered by burns. By using colloidal silver, the growth of scar tissue can be prevented. This is because of its proven ability to stimulate the regeneration of human cells in the skin.

Colloidal silver can also be used as an anti-bacterium, anti-fungal or anti-viral agent. It effectively kills harmful bacteria and viruses when applied. Colloidal silver is able to achieve this because of its ability to kill organisms via a chemical process known as catalytic oxidation.

When exposed to colloidal silver, harmful bacteria in the affected are killed while viruses which require important proteins and enzymes for their effective function have these striped or disabled by the actions of silver.  Today, many hospitals provide silver infused bandages in order to give extra protection.

As well as these, colloidal silver can also be used in the protection of your respiratory system. It is no secret that the air around is filled with many harmful pathogens and viruses. Sometimes these viruses are inhaled and make their way to our respiratory system where they eventually get absorbed into our circulatory system.

Breathing silver solutions easily addresses this. From the inhalation of colloidal silver, the lungs of people are provided with added fortification against the many pathogens that make their way in. Breathing colloidal system is also the most effective way of delivering the beneficial properties to the body.

Once it is inhaled, solver is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream which carries it all round the body. This is much faster than the digestive system which would have required that the silver solution first be digested by the body.

Colloidal silver dosage varies depending on its use. It is recommended that people refrain from exceeding 2 tablespoons as a daily maintenance dose. If silver is being inhaled, then 5-12 inhalations should be done daily.

Although there are some who have fears about the possible toxic effect of silver, these fears are unnecessary. Countless research has proven that in low quantities the effects of silver particles are completely healthy.

If you plan on regularly using colloidal silver then you should consider the benefits of making your own. Being able to produce your own colloidal silver will allow you to cut down on how much you spend every month.

You also will no longer have to worry about going through the tedious motion of ordering your silver solution every week. With a colloidal silver generator, all the silver that you need can be made from the comfort of your home at no added cost.

It is however important that you choose a colloidal silver generator that is truly effective. Well prepared colloidal silver solutions can last for longer than a year if properly stored. You should therefore ensure that your solutions are kept in polarized bottles. This will prevent them from being degraded by the harmful actions of UV rays.

The use of plastic bottles is also not recommended for long term storage as these might easily affect the silver content. However, if you do decide to opt with this means of storage you should choose containers that are made up of PET, HDPE or PETE plastic.

source: http://www.buycolloidalsilvergenerator.org/colloidal-silver-generator/


Juat A Few Benefits of Colloidal Silver…

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-Disease organisms are killed- testimonials for every affliction

-Electro-colloidal micro-water increases blood alkalinity

Algae minimized in hydroponics & aquaculture–Ick eliminated

-Animal stocks healthier without pharmaceutical antibiotics

-Dangerous viral mutations from antibiotic overuse eliminated

-Physician, emergency room expenses reduced

-Odor causing bacteria destroyed in kitchen and bath

-Children are safer- fewer dangerous chemicals

-Childhood ailments reduced: eye, ear, nose, throat

-Non-addictive as a nasal inhalant

-Dressings & band-aids more effective

-Used in Burn Units nationwide- reduces scaring

-Water filtration technology is made safer

-Shoe odors are destroyed

-Food poisonings relieved- 20 minutes

-Toxic spider bites no longer necrotize

-Vaginal yeast colonies reduced

-Mosquito colonies abated

-Left-over food keeps longer (spritz)

-Cut flower life extended 3-fold

-Water purification & shelf-life extension… CS bottling now illegal in the EU except when labeled for this use

-Colloidal silver also offers many benefits for your skin.

Alfred Searle, of pharmaceutical giant Searle Labs researched colloidal silver and wrote a book on it. 112 pharmaceutical silver drugs were ultimately patented.

Disease Organisms are Killed
Colloidal silver drugs were historically used on a now growing list if 132 ailments and people gained from their use, particularly for infection. This goes especially for all the varieties of Staph, and would include today’s particularly virulent strain of MRSA or Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus. The other simple disease organism in the news today- Salmonella, is dealt with in a 1/2 hour.

One top virologist pointed out that thirty-three of the top forty diseases are infectious and caused by pathogens so add free colloidal silver benefits to your list. His list includes 80% of all coronary disease- seemingly caused by C. pneumoniae, that precipitates inflammation and plaque build-up, thus occluding arteries, and even the brains blood supply, perhaps being the cause of Alzheimer’s.

In a 1999 Atlantic monthly, top virologist Ewald stated: Sacroidosis, Bowel Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus Granulomatosis, Diabetes, Billiary Cirrhosis, Sprue, Kawasaki Disease, Lyme, Leprosy and TB are known to be caused by organisms.

The list of diseases that Ewald suspects as being caused by a particular organism include Heart disease, Arteriosclerosis, most cancers, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, ovarian cysts, obesity, eating disorders and most major psychiatric disorders.

Still other diseases, which by the way colloidal silver benefits, that are suspected as being caused by untreated streptococcus infections or a lingering immune response resulting from some past infection, like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Pediatric Auto-Immune Neuropsychiatric Disorder (PANDA) and even Schizophrenia- Menninger suspected that in 1920!

It’s always been known- silver is the best all-around germ fighter but it was mostly removed from America’s official Pharmacy back in 1975 when Dr. Bob Beck introduced his original 3-battery electro-colloidal silver generator.

The Pharmaceutical conglomerates see the writing on the wall and the things the FDA Drug Thugs do at their behest isn’t pretty. But the cat’s out of the bag and silver is homemade medicine again.

Water purifiers with silver impregnated filters led the parade
The Russians used them on their space station to kill disease organisms in recycled body fluids. Now there are silver impregnated bandages and silver thread is being used for healing gloves and socks. New air ducts are being made from silver-coated metal to kill air-borne diseases and refrigerators are now manufactured with a silver lining. Professional kitchens now even have silver coated stainless steel counter surfaces.

Colloidal silver benefits us by creating micro-water
The Japanese discovered how to electrically separate water into two parts: acid and alkaline. This alters the hydrogen and oxygen bonds and creates smaller particles or micro-water. Most people buy micro-cluster water rather than a machine to make it. Tests show colloidal silver water alkalizes the blood in almost the same way as coral calcium. Colloidal silver alkalizes to assist against parasites & yeast infections too. Just Ask a Nurse. She’ll likely tell you to make and take low PPM batches throughout the day for yet even more alkalizing colloidal silver benefits. Sometimes the right water puts a new spin on life.

Anecdote: Colloidal silver liquid saves lives
The first person to tell me it had saved their life was Dr. Judd of Phoenix Arizona. As a chemistry professor he was so excited after seeing a colloidal silver machine operate that he had to have one. He called five days after we shared an hour together and exclaimed how he had been healed of an affliction: an antibiotic resistant, post-operative cardio-pulmonary infection had continued to plague him after completing two rounds of pharmaceutical antibiotics. He faced using the strongest patented antibiotic at 78 years of age. He used colloidal silver without hesitation. Days later he claimed it had saved his life! He has now passed on- so it seems fair to share this. He was tenured by Phoenix Community College and wouldn’t offer a testimonial- but he did help spur me on so that you could get a proper dose of colloidal silver benefits.

Lucky for you someone planted a seed of inspiration for the pen name- on the tell-all book “Colloidal Silver …@ntibiotic Superhero” by Johnny Silverseed.

Testimonials are Valid
Health claims and the stories or anecdotes like the one above are not considered “proof” that liquid colloidal silver benefits its users. Testimonials hold no sway in the established Medical Mafia. Only double blind studies will allow it to be officially approved by the FDA and big business won’t waste money on something people now make free.

Over 250,000 patients die each year at the hands of Physicians through some form of wrongdoing or so called accidents.

10,000 die each year just from aspirin type products (NSAIDS)

source: http://www.colloidalsilver101.com/colloidal_silver_benefits.html

Colloidal Silver & Lumiscope Ultrasonic Nebulizer

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How to Use Colloidal Silver in Lungs

Colloidal silver is a liquid that been used to treat a number of ailments, and it can get into the system quickest by inhaling it directly into the lungs. This can be done with a nebulizer. This could also add to the healing effects of the silver on lung infections, bronchitis, pneumonia and other respiratory ailments. While the silver is touted as effectively healing conditions sometimes in as few as a single a dose, it also must be remembered that it is still in the experimental stages. Any silver should be used with extreme caution and preferably after speaking with a medical expert.


    1. Get your nebulizer. Any size nebulizer is fine, just make sure that it will be available when you want to take a dose of medicine. This may sway you to a smaller, portable unit. The site Silver Medicine suggests building your own nebulizer that hooks up to an oxygen tank, so that pure oxygen can be used to blast through the liquid silver to turn it into a mist. See the Resources section for a link.
    2. Make sure that you have a true colloidal silver that has been mixed only with distilled water. Silver Medicine warns never to inhale a silver product that may have been combined with proteins, salts or other chemicals as it could lead to silver poisoning.
    3. Test for an allergic reaction. Spray the mist on your skin to test for a possible allergic reaction. The mist should be invisible but leave a find spray on your hand when tested. If you are allergic, patches of gray will appear. Find another method of relief. Test for other reactions by taking the silver orally before inhaling it if it is your first time taking the silver. Wait several hours to see if an adverse reaction occurs before proceeding.
    4. Decide on your dosage. The daily dosage of colloidal silver is usually between 1/2 and 1 oz. Start with the smaller amount and pick a schedule that seems to work.
    5. Set up your nebulizer. Place 1/2 oz. of the silver in the nebulizer’s basin. Follow the instructions on the nebulizer’s manual. If you are using a nebulizer hooked up to an oxygen tank, Silver Medicine recommends the pressure be between 20 and 35 psi.
    6. Inhale the silver. If you have passed the allergy test and the nebulizer is set to go, begin your inhalation. Experiment with a schedule. Different schedules will administer the same amount of silver, but the silver can be inhaled in a short time span or drawn out throughout the day. Doses can be broken down into half doses and administered twice a day, broken down into four doses and administered four times a day and so on. Time can vary from 15 minutes to four hours between doses or whatever amount you choose.
    7. Stop usage if you start to feel confused, unstable or start to have severe mood swings. This could mean the silver product contains impurities.

    source: http://www.ehow.com/how_5017478_use-colloidal-silver-lungs.html


    Free PDF Download ~ Colloidal Silver – The Rediscovery of a Super Antibiotic?

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