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Truth Frequency Radio
By Chris Geo



Many of you are experiencing changes right now in your energy fields and the fields of others around you. You are becoming awakened, enlightened and your extra senses are beginning to become more and more apparent. Many of you may not quite understand what is happening to you, while others are embracing the very essence of who they are and understanding their purpose here on planet earth. Your soul families are being re-united and people are coming into your lives that you feel a long standing, tribal-like connection with, while friends and family members you’ve known your whole life are demonstrating just how little they are connected to you. Planet earth has shifted into the fourth dimension on her way to the fifth and this is a natural progression for all of us.

The fifth dimension is one of manifestation, telepathy, telekinesis and other abilities that we once deemed supernatural. However, as this shift occurs from the third to the fifth density, the fourth density is one of both dimensions working together. This is why some of you are experiencing psychic abilities and manifestation but not able to fully harness the abilities or call upon them at will with 100% success, or even 50% success for that matter. The shift to the fifth dimension may take a moment or it may take an age. I don’t have an answer for this. However, what I know for sure is that the “powers-that-be” understand this dimensional shift better  than any of us could ever have and therefore elements have been put into place to “dim” the light that is sparking in all of us. This dimensional shift is why all walks of life are becoming more aware of themselves, animals are becoming more empathetic towards one another, species typically having a predator/prey relationship are showing compassion towards one another and the laws of the jungle seem to be changing within the animal kingdom.

As most of you already know, vaccines, air-born contaminants, genetically modified food, “food-like products”, fluoride and especially pharmaceuticals like anti-depressants are being used to turn this light off and disconnect you from this energy shift. In my personal experience, over the last few weeks I have been experiencing unusual aches and pains in my back and neck from a car accident several years ago. Earlier this week I took muscle relaxers for a couple of days to help ease the pain but it quickly became apparent that even this seemingly benign pharmaceutical was having the same “dimming” effect on my third eye and so I stopped taking them immediately. I must admit that completely disconnecting from oneself and falling into a coma like sleep for 12 hours is extremely tempting in the midst of the energy shift. But at what cost does this temporary relief come at? That is why I implore you all to not fall into this temptation.

Some of you are being shown the code of our universal matrix and how to rearrange and divert energies. Others are seeing these energies as part of your daily experiences without even trying. If you look just a little closer you will see what I am referring to but it’s important that you refrain from the temptations I previously mentioned. Many people do not consider that processed foods are just as dimming to the inner self. Oreo cookies are my personal favorite but it’s something I have completely let go of in exchange for an organic diet but the rewards have been astounding. A general rule of thumb is this:  Do not buy anything from the super market that comes in a box. You will not only find that your body reacts much different but also find that you are able to afford the organic foods with your current budget.

In regards to diet, above all, stop using your microwave immediately. Invest in a toaster oven and use that in place of your microwave.  You are essentially killing any nutrients in your food and replacing it with radiation. There is enough radiation in the air from Fukushima, Chernobyl,. Nagasaki and Hiroshima to last you the next 25,000 years. There is no reason to ingest it on top of everything else. Throw away your Teflon pots and pans and buy cast iron. Not only will your cookware last forever, but you will not be ingesting toxic chemicals when you cook. Buy a  small pot for heating up soup and water. It only takes an extra 30 seconds to heat up on the stove than it does in the microwave. Never ever microwave water. Water is life.

Once your physical bodies are back in alignment you will be able to use your third eye in a more powerful way. Because we are in between the third and fifth dimensions, we are tied to both realms at this time. Do not pollute your mind with the rubbish on television or what is coming out of the music industry at this time. But at the same time, make sure you take time out to watch an occasional movie or enjoy something physical from the third dimension that is unrelated to spirituality or the higher dimensions. Don’t sit around doing research all day or watching documentaries because while it feels like you are doing nothing but absorbing information, you are ignoring the physical. You must enjoy the physical pleasure occasionally while you are here! If you like to drink alcohol,  go out and have a drink with your friends once or twice a month. But stop doing it every other day or even every week. This time is for balance and moderation on all fronts. We must embrace both the physical and spiritual at this time but not fall off balance to either side, even when it feels like we’re progressing.

Above all, it is time to let go of fear in every capacity. Stop being afraid of Ebola, ISIS, the police state, martial law, germs, bacteria or anything else. It is important to understand these as the death throes of the third dimension. Cannabis is re-emerging as the go to plant for cures, nutrients and stress relief. This is a symptom of the fourth dimension and one that cannot be stopped, no matter how hard the powers-that-be are trying. This is the will of the human spirit! This is just a small example of how the power structure is turning. The will of humanity will begin to prevail more and more as time progresses but it is important that we, the bearers of the light, continue to shine brightly.

As the lights begin to shine more and more, the darkness will naturally fade away into nothing. Your very existence on planet earth is enough to shift this energy. It’s up to you as to whether you want to take it a step further as I have and be pro-active in this game of tug of war. But you don’t have to. Some are called to do while others are called to “be”. You are a human “being”. That’s all you have to do… just be.

Love to you all. Sheree and I are here with you through this journey. We will be with you til the end of the age… and beyond!

About The Author

Chris Geo founded Truth Frequency Radio with his wife Sheree Geo in 2009. His field of research includes economics, geo-politics and occult agendas.

His radio show, Truth Frequency is syndicated by the Genesis Communications Network Saturdays and Sundays from 4pm-6pm central. You will hear ground breaking information, unique analysis and interviews with the worlds leading experts, scientists, philosophers, authors, film makers, celebrities and more.
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