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Restoring our soil, plants, animals, and humans, best kept secret… Excelerite naturally chealated montmorillonite clay is nature infused with 78 micro and macro nutrients. This rare form of chelated clay also contains many of the rarest form of trace minerals such as unlike other soil amendments such as rock dust – which is simply crushed rock. Excelerite is comprised of an unique mineral composition unlike anything else in the world, its rich source of micro and macro nutrients provide a rich base to ensure that your world (you, plants, and animals) are replenished with the nutrients that it requires in your systems but that you may currently lack. Go to website for more detail ~ http://us-rem.com/

Be sure to listen/download the 3 hour podcast below featuring James Horak & Crystal Clark on the Dale After Dark Radio Show! It’s a very informative show and a must listen. Other videos on Excelerite are featured on the attached main link.

Drowning in absurdity

e1d14635-7d69-4f7c-b9ed-cc540184a185“Crystal Clark and James C. Horak from the wolfspiritradio.com show RACE WITH TIME can be heard 2nd and 4th friday of every month 7-9 pm pacific. Both talk about the pending doom with Fukushima and how it is the major threat to this worlds total population. James also speaks from experience as to how it can be remedied but it will take humanity to step up to the plate in a very collective matter.”

To listen to and/or download this informative 3-hour show, click here: http://www.mixcloud.com/DaleAfterDark/2014-02-22-crystal-clark-and-james-c-horakour-earth-is-in-peril-if-we-do-not-remove-the-sychopaths/

Dale was an extremely gracious and well-informed host. Please support and donate to his efforts to help awaken our fellow man: http://www.spiritofmountshasta.com/

An especially important topic was discussed during this interview dealing with the destruction of our protective atmosphere via the weaponization of our natural weather systems: this is known by many as Weather Modification or Geo-engineering, and includes HAARP as well. Of significance in…

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