Not “All” grains are bad! Nor should one avoid them… in this very insightful article written by Arthur Haines, you shall know the difference of nutritional grains vs the controversial hype on “Why Grains Are Unhealthy”…

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*Update* There is a response by Mark Sisson shared through Exist Anew in the comments of this article.

This is an Exist Anew guest post written by Arthur Haines . Arthur rebuts a recent article featured in the Huffington Post by Primal Living leader Mark Sisson called, “Why Grains Are Unhealthy.”

Dear Mark Sisson,

I came across your article entitled “Why Grains Are Unhealthy” that was published on the Huffington Post (shared on Primal Docs).  For those of you that missed it, it is posted here.  It is a nice article that presents some important information many are unaware of.  There is no doubt that our pro-grain stance here in the United States is contributing to serious health issues that many people are contending with.  That said, I would like to take a moment to explain why I feel your article has reached too far and not recognized…

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