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Black CherriesRecently I came across some 100% pure black cherry juice here in cherry capital in Northern Michigan, and I am hooked! It’s been one month drinking at least 1 – 2 quarts a week and I feel the difference in my sleep which has improved vastly.

As I researched the health benefits… I see that black cherry juice has melatonin, a hormone that helps your body to rest and sleep. In addition, anthocyanins is also found in black cherries and in other rich pigmented berries…

General research

Richly concentrated as pigments in berries, anthocyanins were the topics of research presented at a 2007 symposium on health benefits that may result from berry consumption. Laboratory-based evidence was provided to demonstrate potential health effects against:

  • cancer
  • aging and neurological diseases
  • inflammation
  • diabetes
  • bacterial infections
  • fibrocystic disease

A growing body of evidence suggests anthocyanins and anthocyanidins may possess analgesic properties in addition to neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory activities.

In vitro, anthocyanins possess MAO inhibitory activity for both MAO-A and MAO-B; MAO function is connected to neurodegenerative diseases, depression, and anxiety. The relevance to humans of anthocyanins and MAO activity requires further research, however.

Anthocyanins also fluoresce; combined with their antioxidant properties, this can be a powerful tool for plant cell research, allowing live cell imaging for extended periods of time without a requirement for other fluorophores.

Food source Anthocyanin content
in mg per 100 g
Açaí 320
Blackcurrant 190-270
Chokeberry 1,480
Eggplant 750
Blood orange ~200
Marion blackberry 317
Black raspberry 589
Raspberry 365
Wild blueberry 558
Black Cherry – Cherry 350-400
Redcurrant 80-420
Purple corn 1,642

Plants rich in anthocyanins are Vaccinium species, such as blueberrycranberry, and bilberryRubus berries, including black raspberryred raspberry, and blackberryblackcurrantcherryeggplant peelblack riceConcord grapemuscadine grapered cabbage, and violet petals.


What Are the Health Benefits of Black Cherry Juice?

Lakewood Organic PURE Black Cherry Juice

One of many example of 100% Pure Black Cherry Juice, no additives nor sweeteners!

Imagine the sweet delicious taste of black cherries in the form of a juice, 100% pure with no additives. Now imagine if your body could benefit from that 100% pure goodness. Native Americans having been benefiting from Mother Nature’s cherries for years and scientists have known for a while just how powerful the fruit may be to some health related conditions.

For example, if you suffer from the arthritis condition known as gout, you may find that the fruit can help relieve your pain. Cherries are known for their ability to lower uric acid levels inside of your body caused by gout. Anthocyanins, a compound found in cherries, is thought to be the cause behind the relief of gout and other types of joint pain.

Anthocyanins may also be responsible for helping to reduce migraines, lower blood pressure and lower the risk of heart disease and stroke. More specifically Anthocyanins may be able to lower the free radical damage that causes your body to age.

However, anthocyanins aren’t the only beneficial source found in cherries. Melatonin is a hormone that allows your body to sleep. That same hormone is also found in cherries, which may make them extremely valuable to those who suffer from insomnia or other sleep related conditions.

But, the health benefits of black cherry juice don’t stop there. Queritrin and iqueritrin are both very important compounds that may help protect against certain diseases and illnesses. When combined with the compound anthocyanin they could just be the most powerful antioxidant known.

Antioxidants are known for their role in stopping the damage caused by free radicals, which can cause us to age faster and be more susceptible to disease and illness.

So, drinking a glass a day of the wonderful fruit may help reduce many signs of aging as well as lower the risk of many health problems. Even if you don’t have time to drink your cherries, you can get the same benefits in a whole food vitamins supplement.

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