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Thanks for my nomination The Way of The Chiro!

I am very honored. ❤

So here’s how it works:

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Seven Things About Me:

  1. My last place of residence – Leelanau County Michigan, now Kalamata, Greece for now.
  2. Love turning junk into art.
  3. Looking for that perfect cat for a pet. 
  4. My favorite food is Japanese… love to master this cuisine, perhaps in the future.
  5. Studying beekeeping – this is my ultimate secret dream.
  6. Wild foraging is my newest interest, so much out here in southern Greece.
  7. Love to be part of a “off the grid community”!  ❤

My 15 nominees are…

  1. the beach house kitchen – very creative, fun & experimental, well organized food & recipe blog.
  2. A Real Food Lover – A very informative material on food education & DIY projects, diet & health, homesteading, beautiful photographs & much more… (a little quiet lately, but still fabulous!)
  3. Farmhouse Kitchen – bringing food from the garden to the kitchen…  essentials to good health are raw milk, grass fed meat, real butter from pastured cows, pastured farm fresh eggs, kombucha, miso and the fermented family of foods, coconut oil, and fruits and vegetables in season. 
  4. Vegetarian Ventures – Vegetarian Ventures is a vegetarian food blog that shares vegetarian and vegan recipes with a twist of adventure and inspiration.
  5. Question Everything – Informative & proactive material covering topics from:  Alchemy, Ancient History, Metaphysics, Mythology, Politics, Psychedelics, Religion, Science.
  6. Adventures in Natural Beekeeping – Solarbeez is a gardener, beekeeper, and sustainable living “bioneer” living on the Oregon coast. Emilyingreen is his daughter, a freelance editor and web designer. They created this website to share the experience of natural beekeeping, organic gardening, solar energy and ways to limit the use of fossil fuel.
  7. Raw Earth Living –   H.L. Riley is author of REL, certified in the science of raw food nutrition, activist in all things health-related. She wishes to continue to educate and inspire others to take hold of their own health and to become their own master.
  8. Sandra & Kathy ‘s Corner –  just two girls with a keen interest in food – cooking, shopping, learning and devouring.
  9. Staying Healthy with Samantha – Samantha had started out self educating herself in all natural foods, living & lifestyle, working on her masters in Nutrition and her goal of becoming a Registered Dietitian.
  10. Be Whole Now – intelligent inspiration for evolving humans

That’s it folks… I don’t have 15 to nominate, perhaps next time.

Thanks again to all my followers & all the bloggers who had nominated me in the past. Many blessing & be well. ❤