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Perhaps all is not lost… we vote with our forks and spread the word & knowledge forward to others on GMOs! 

A PDF List is available to download on all the companies opposing GMO Labeling Against Prop. 37 by Stephanie Ladwig-Cooper w/Gaia Creationshttp://www.scribd.com/doc/109895711/Opponents-Funding-Against-Prop-37-10-10-12

YES on Prop. 37 Endorsements ~ http://www.carighttoknow.org/endorsements

Democracy Now! Michael Pollan Interview on Prop 37

This is the time more then ever to support & speak-out for Cailifornia Prop. 37! Voicing to organic companies claiming that they are against non-gmo, to put their money where there mouth is on “Right To Know on GMO Labeling”! The PDF link provides a list of companies that we’d placed our trust in simply because of their false calms… NO More! You’ll be amazed and surprised on how many so called “Organic” companies are against Prop. 37! Boycott these companies, keep a printed list and share with others.

Is Whole Foods Sincere About its Support for Labeling Genetically Modified Foods? http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_26366.cfm

Is it possible that Whole Foods wants to ride the GMO labeling popularity wave while it quietly works behind the scenes to prevent Prop 37, or any other GMO labeling law, from passing? Could it be that a GMO labeling law – especially one like Prop 37 that prohibits the use of the word “natural” on any food containing GMOs – would cut too deeply into the company’s $9.8 billion in sales and almost $246 million in profits?  Read more @ http://obrag.org/?p=66515

YouTube censors ‘Organic Spies’ video exposing Whole Foods employees lying about GMOs ~ http://www.naturalnews.com/037410_Organic_Spies_Whole_Foods_censored_video.html#ixzz28DqoUq2h

This film shows why Whole Foods has given no money to Proposition 37, the California ballot initiative to label genetically engineered foods.

Whole Foods has sold unlabeled GMOs created by Monsanto for over a decade.

If Whole Foods is such a supporter of Non-GMO foods, then why Whole Foods Executives John Mackey – Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Walter Robb – Co-CEO, and Margaret Wittenberg – VP Global Communications & Quality Standards, “all millionaires”, has NOT contribute 1 cent for Prop. 37!? Whole Foods claims supporting Prop. 37 without financial support/donations given from neither the WF corporation nor executives! Sound like their using double standards here. Also “Organic Trade Assoc”. has given “NO” money for Prop. 37!!!!

Will Whole Foods GMO Truth Lead to a National Boycott? ~ http://theintelhub.com/2012/10/09/will-whole-foods-gmo-truth-lead-to-a-national-boycott/

C’MON PEOPLE WE CAN WIN THIS FIGHT. The enemy is outspending us 7 to 1 in California’s Proposition 37 campaign, but the opinion polls show the public is on our side. Support & Donate at any of these locations…

Organic Consumer Association ~  http://www.organicconsumers.org/

Food Democracy Now ~ http://www.fooddemocracynow.org/

Institute for Responsible Technology ~  http://www.responsibletechnology.org/

Center for Food Safety ~ http://www.centerforfoodsafety.org/

Non-GMO Project ~ http://www.nongmoproject.org/

Food and Water Watch ~ http://www.foodandwaterwatch.org/

The Cornucopia Institute ~ http://www.cornucopia.org/

California Right To Know ~ http://www.carighttoknow.org/

There are so many more… just show your support & make a donating today. Thank You

California Proposition 37: Know What GMOs Are in Your Food

If You Were Eating Food that Could Kill You – Want to Know?

Continue seeing more with Conversations with Great Minds – Jeffrey Smith P1 &  Conversations w/Great Minds – Jeffrey Smith GMOs – Seeds of Deception P2

Genetic Roulette [Spanish Subtitles] The Gamble of our Lives

Right to Know: Vote Yes on Prop 37

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