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ByzantineFlowers voted for ‘One Lovely Blog Award’

I am kind of new to this voting/nominating bloggers thing, but it’s truly nice to be considered and indeed a compliment! Thanks Beach House Kitchen for your nomination, I feel honored to be one of your votes! On that note, Beach House Kitchen is truly one of my favorite bloggers because I learn many interesting recipes that are not only healthy but divine in flavor too! Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw, Superfoods are key words in the Beach House Kitchen blog, lots of lovely photos, positive energy and unique recipes I had found there. This blog makes me a better eater… ❤

 7 facts about us ~ 

  1. An American living in Kalamata, Greece – home to one of the best natural agricultural lands… you named it, most likely it’s growing here!
  2. Don’t have a garden, but I make use of my balcony growing many herbs, lemon, mousmoula (a mini mango tasting fruit), olive, avocado, & fig, trees. All young & some bearing fruit.
  3. Helping others to help themselves holistically, is not work for me, but a joy to see one reclaiming their true power & potential by a natural & rewarding lifestyle.
  4. My secret desire is to become a Queen(Pro) in Beekeeping! Reading up on beekeeping, perhaps this shall lead to a new chapter in my life’s pages.
  5. I believe we all should honor & respect what mother earth provides for us all never taking anything for granted! Ask QUESTIONS Always! Know where your food sources come from, how & where it’s grown – if not your own. Choose humane methods (if your a meat eater), learn the affects on factory livestock farming does to our environment, water source, and farm animals, and your health! Most of all… Growing Food in any way (home garden, community garden, or supporting our local organic Farmer’s Market), is the best & only effective Protest that one can & shall overturn the powers to be. By working directly with nature in harmony, we can change the world & make a difference! Dramatic? It Is!
  6. ByzantineFlowers – the name is from an album from SPK, I loved the name because it was appropriate; in the past I had painted icons of flowers, instead of spiritual figures I used flowers, gold leafing a halo above the flower head. I use to do restoration on byzantine icons, which lead & inspired me to the spiritual and healing source of nature.
  7. Can’t help it… I love popcorn!

Sharing the love… the following are my personal favorite bloggers, I am sure there are many more, but in the food, health, home & garden, survival, & informative sites, here are the nominees (in no particular order)…

  • Raw Earth Living ~ Eden H. Roemer is the owner of Raw Earth Living.  She is also an author, bodywork specialist and certified in the science of  raw food nutrition as an educator.  Also an activist regarding all things health-related, Eden wishes to continue to educate and inspire others to take hold of their own health and to become their own master.
  • The Beach House Kitchen ~ A creative & experimental food art form with unique recipes, nutritional facts, and beautiful photo display. A – Z array of deliciously healthy recipes from raw, vegan, vegetarian, dairy free cooking, juice, desserts & much more to add to your everyday food lifestyle. Nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award, the Versatile Blogger & the now the One Lovely Blog Award!
  • The Real Time Farmers ~ Blog & website is a wealth of updated information on a nationwide food guide enable you to trace your food back to the farm it came from, and a listing of eateries, food issues, food artisans, on the farm, farmer’s market & locations, stories & topics! A already popular site & blog.
  • Food Freedom ~ is a non-commercial site devoted to those articles that address food safety, food freedom–the right to choose your own food or farmer, and food sovereignty–the right of nations to determine food safety standards and appropriate ag technologies despite trade agreements. New website now available @ foodfreedomgroup.com
  • A Real Food Lover ~ Heather the writer & owner of A Real Food Lover, is truly a seeker of health & food knowledge, excellent information on many DIY tips from canning, making your vanilla extract, buying in bulk & on a budget, great recipes, homemade items, health & so much more! I frequently visit this blog for the amazing tips & helpful information with detailed photographs that many of us shall surely use & incorporate into our healthy food lifestyle. You really can see the time & love she had poured into her blog to help others.
  • Milkwood: Permaculture ~ Milkwood Farm is a farmstead social enterprise with an education focus, with people dedicated to providing essential skills for urban and rural folk to design and create resilient, regenerative habitats and communities. A blog on permaculture farm, education, & workshops, natural beekeeping, aquaponics, growing vegetables, mushrooms, forest gardens, food, good books, animals, farm life, watershed care, and much more…
  • The Natural Eye Project ~ Excellent news blog on informative issues – YOUR FOOD, YOUR HEALTH, Agriculture, Pesticides, GMOs, CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR), Sustainability, Social & Economic Issues, and so on… a good “Follow” on your wordpress links!

Well that’s it folks, this is the 1st time I’ve done this & I’m hoping I had covered the basics on recommended bloggers. There are many more great blogs I follow & read but just because you don’t see your name listed for nominees don’t think your words are not valued & important to many other readers as well! Love & Light to All & Be well.

The Rules of One Lovely Blog:

• Link back to the blogger who nominated you

• Paste the award image on your blog, anywhere

• Share 7 facts about yourself

• Nominate 5-15 other blogs you like for this award (last time it was 5, this time it’s 15…so do what you can.)

• Contact the bloggers that you have chosen to let them know that they have been nominated

Spreading the word & love ❤ Yolanda Bertaud