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I marinated my own fresh caught anchovies and make homemade parsley pesto (the improvised way), I use what is available at home or local. Cilantro is very rare to obtain in Greece, it’s not used in their culinary foods, so I’m growing my own.
I use fresh parsley/basil when when it’s ready to pick from my balcony or purchased at the farmer’s market. Several of my lunches during the week includes organic tomatoes & cucumbers topped with my pesto sauce and marinated anchovies.
How sweet it is! You may also add Paximadia – Greek word for the traditional dark barley biscuit (rusk or hard tack).

Parsley Pesto ~

  • 1 bunch fresh parsley (option: fresh basil/cilantro)
  • raw sunflower seeds – small handful (option: raw pumpkin/pine nuts)
  • 3 cloves raw garlic (or) 1/2 head of roasted garlic
  • mizithra grated Greek cheese
  • olive oil (1st press, cold press, extra virgin)
  • Spices: cumin, sea salt, pepper, chili pepper flakes, to taste

Directions: Blend together into pesto paste.

I use this pesto in salads, pasta, on eggs, vegetables, seed crackers, or alone. Yum!

Fresh Marinated Anchovies ~ 
Well I am privileged to live near a sea side port to get fresh fish daily at the Mediterranean sea. If you are able to get fresh fish at a local fish market, get anchovies!

  • wash & clean anchovies,
  • cut in half & remove bones and inner parts (not much),
  • rinse again and shake well to remove all water,
  • place in jar with 2 -3 cloves of raw garlic,
  • add sea salt (depending on the size & amount) 1 tsp – 1 Tbsp,
  • a little oregano and red pepper flakes,
  • olive oil (1st press, cold press, extra virgin),
  • and vinegar, equal amounts to olive oil,
  • marinate it for a few hours before eating, and refrigerate the rest. Good for 5 days.
 Paximadia “bruschetta” – Cretan Barley Rusk Meze

  • filtered water
  • 1 bag or 1/2 bag of Cretan barley rusks
  • Greek olive oil – 1st press, cold press, extra virgin
  • 1 -2  large tomatos, chopped (or) grated, leaving the skin out
  • feta or mizithra cheese
  • oregano
  • sea salt & pepper


  • Sprinkle the rusk on both sides with water to soften the rusk
  • Pour desire amount of olive oil over it, then add the chopped tomatoes or grated tomatoes and more olive oil (you can be generous), place crumbled cheese on top, add oregano, salt and pepper.
  • Serve immediately. Yum! 🙂

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