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EATING 3rd edition documentary

A powerful documentary (3nd Edition) film called “Eating”; the third edition has just been released & now available with updated changes.

It’s a life-changing film that openly shares nutritional secrets for:

* Reversing type-2 diabetes in a matter of days (get off insulin!)

* Reversing arterial blockage in mere weeks

* Halting the progression of cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and many other chronic health conditions.

This is all accomplished solely by changing what you eat using simple, proven methods.

To purchase the complete updated 3rd Edition (1 Online Streamed Video), go to http://premium.naturalnews.tv/Eating__NN.htm

  • Why we have an epidemic of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other diseases.
  • Why following federal nutrition guidelines will kill you.
  • Why the government promotes foods that shorten lives.
  • Why almost everyone has cancer by the time they’re fifty – and don’t even know it.
  • Why our top two nutrition worries should be our last.
  • Why doctors treat symptoms of disease, not causes.
  • Why our most deadly diseases were rare before 1900.
  • Why most school-age children already have heart disease.
  • Why there’s no difference between white meat and red meat.
  • Why Americans are constipated.
  • Why American men are impotent.
  • Why Americans have weak bones.
  • Why politicians are America’s dieticians.
  • Why farm animal feces is standard fare in meat today.
  • Why our eating habit is like smoking, but more lethal.
  • Why the most disturbing death statistic of our time is so little known – and it comes from the Surgeon General.

Beyond Heath – other reasons why you should change your eating habits:

  • We grow far more food to feed the animals we eat then to feed ourselves
  • Farm animals consume 80% of corn, 80% of grain, 95% of oats
  • 87% of agricultural land is used to raise farm animals we eat
  • That’s almost half the entire land mass in the U.S.
  • 90% of deforestation is due to our appetite for beef
  • 260 Million acres destroyed to provide cattle for grazing land
  • & another acre disappears every 8 seconds…
  • Half the fresh water in the U.S. is used to grow crops to feed the animals we eat
  • It takes 12,000 gallons of fresh water to produce 1 pound of fresh beef
  • vs 60 gallons to produce 1 pound of potatoes
  • Many water systems has gone dry or diverted to feed crops for farm animals
  • The average American uses 106 gallons of water for domestic needs, but if you eat a Quarter pound hamburger, your daily consumption of water jumps to 3,106 gallons of water per day!
  • By giving up meat/meat intake is reduced dramatically… 1 million gallons of water would be saved per year
  • If you add into the beef the price of water subsidies alone, beef would cost $35. per lbs.
  • Instead of tinkering with your shower heads & toilets, by reducing your intake of meat is the best way to conserve our fresh water supplies
  • Our diet is not only using huge amount of water, but it is also depleting our water supply
  • Ogallala aquifer – the largest source of water supply will be completely dry in less then  50 years… and once it dry’s up, our bread basket will turn into a dust bin. That’s the legacy our diet will leave to our children…
  • Eating animals not only consumes half our water, also animal excrement pollutes half of our waters
  • In Fact, farm animals produce 130 times more waste than people do, & yet not one feed lot in America is required to have a proper sewage system
  • Animal feces found in our meats has gotten so bad that it’s the leading cause of kidney failure among American children
  • Modern meat is so burden with animal waste, that you can actually clean it in your toilet = toilet cleaner than meat
  • Package meats now has warning labels to keep meats away from other foods & cutting boards, utensils, due to the fecal contaminations
  • The reason you have to cook your meat so long is so the animal excrement is cooked off the flesh making it safe for you to eat
  • The Food Industry does not question how to get rid of it, instead they nuke our meats by means IRRADIATION methods approved by the FDA
  • We are also setting a tread in depleting collapse of marine ecosystem within 40 years
  • With modern methods to remove more fish out of the ocean than can reproduce
  • The irony is that farm animals eat more fish than people do… more than half
  • In Fact, the 1st step you can take to save the oceans is to stop eating farm animals/reduce dramatically
  • Because our appetite for beef we are losing biodiversity… currently our government kills 1.5 million wild animals for corporate interest to protect the animals we eat (another government subsidy to protect a few large corporates)

 Eating Animal Base Diet…

  1. Consumes 1/3 raw materials & fossil fuels
  2. Uses half the fresh water
  3. Pollute half of fresh water
  4. Depletes fresh water
  5. Poisons food supply
  6. Destroys Top Soil
  7. Destroys Forests
  8. Destroys Biodiversity
  9. Destroys species


Full playlist…  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zjMzUeHR9o&list=PLqMu83Uq8JHSnl0tSEmnaXn5cX5aRIDSR


This link shows how animals are treated in modern farm industries, the scenes may be uncomfortable to watch but it is necessary to know on what you eat – what methods are being used for your comfort. I am not a vegetarian, but after learning all the facts about modern livestock farming, I had dramatically reduce my consumption to eating flesh – once a week, (fish, meat or fowl). I choose not to participate in this wasteful & inhumane act towards our farm animals. Please purchase your meats, poultry, fish, from free-range all naturally raised organic farms, show your support by doing this & don’t contribute to the destruction & inhumane methods…

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