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by: Yolanda Bertaud, MS TCM, Herbalist
Here is a quick list of botanical herbs that can help weight loss/weight management program go smoothly.

These natural ingredients have no chemical additives and can be taken as supplements or brewed as tea, extract formula.

This information is not meant to replace the advise of a physician.


Alfalfa Nutritive. Aids digestion and acts as a diuretic. Tea, capsules, extract

Bladderwrack Improves thyroid function; is a bulk laxative. Capsules, extract

Buchu Diuretic. Tea, capsules

Burdock Diuretic. Improves fat metabolism. Tea, capsules, extract

Butchers broom Improves circulation, acts as a diuretic. Tea, capsules

Cardamom Improves circulation and digestion. Is a thermogenic herb. Tea, capsules

Cayenne Improves circulation & has a thermogenic action. Capsules

Cinnamon Thermogenic. Tea, capsules

Cornsilk Diuretic. Tea, capsules

Dandelion leaf Nutritive, diuretic. Tea, capsules, extract

Dandelion root Aids fat metabolism by affecting the liver. Tea, capsules, extract

Fennel Diuretic. Reduces hunger, improves energy. Tea, capsules

Flaxseed Bulk laxative. Help curb hunger. Food additive

Garcinia cambogia Aids fat metabolism. Food, capsules

Ginger Thermogenic. Improves circulation and digestion. Tea, capsules, food

Green Tea Aids fat metabolism. Contains caffeine. Tea, capsules

Guar gum Helps reduce hunger. Is a bulk laxative. Capsules

Hawthorn Reduces blood fat and improves circulation. Tea, capsules, extract

Horsetail Nutritive, diuretic. Tea, capsules, extract

Kola nut Stimulant. Depresses the appetite and aids fat metabolism. Capsules

Nettles Diuretic. Improves metabolism. Tea, capsules, extract

Parsley Diuretic, nutritive. Tea, capsules, food

Psyllium Bulk laxative. Helps curb hunger. Food additive, capsules

Senna Laxative. Tea, capsules

Uva ursi Diuretic. Tea, capsules, extract

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