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Genmaicha is a variation of Japanese green tea that incorporates toasted brown rice into the steeping process. The tea’s flavor is strong and distinctly nutty, and is just as delicious cold as it is hot.

The term genmaicha collectively means “brown rice tea.” Gencan be interpreted as “dark,” while mai simply means “rice.” In this case, gen can be understood as “unpolished,” or “unhulled” since it is placed directly before mai. And cha means “tea.”

Genmaicha Tea benefits great number of tea drinkers in many different ways. It is also a great natural alternative to diet pills and other weight loss programs, which could bring harmful side-effects to the body. According to researchers at the University of Tokushima’s School of Medicine in Japan, drinking Genmaicha Tea on a regular basis can improve a person’s metabolism and boost energy levels.

As we all know, having better metabolism is one of the secrets to staying fit because your body can successfully convert its stored fat into energy.

Consuming Genmai Cha Tea on a regular basis has also added health benefits. Such a practice can help reduce your chances of developing serious medical conditions, including cancer and heart problems, because Genmaicha Tea is rich in antioxidants that can improve the body’s defenses against diseases. These antioxidants can also improve skin conditions and mental function, as well as strengthen the bones and the teeth.

Here’s how you can make your own Genmaicha Tea…

  • Source: organic brown rice/white (short or medium grains of rice). 
  • Spread a thin layer of brown rice into a medium sized pan. The thin layer will ensure even toasting of the rice grains.
  • Place the pan onto a stove-top burner and turn the heat to a low to medium setting. Toast the rice until it takes on a dark brown color and emits a nutty, toasted aroma. Depending upon heat and pan, toasting time can vary, but it generally does not exceed much over five minutes. Do not leave the rice unattended because it can burn quickly.
  • Cool the rice on a plate when it is done. Then place the rice inside of a container for storage. Toast more rice if desired.
  • Determine how much genmaicha you want to brew. One tablespoon of toasted brown rice will produce one strong cup of tea. Experiment with these amounts to suit your preference. Place the desired amount of rice inside of a tea sieve along with organic white young tea leaves and buds, or with some herbal tea leaves of your choice. One teaspoon of tea leaves will produce one cup of tea.
  • Boil water and pour into tea pot, add your genmaicha tea. However, if you are brewing just one cup, pour the hot water into cup then place the tea sieve into hot water & steep for approximately three minutes.

Enjoy 🙂

Warning: Recently I came across an article that states that Green, Black & Oolong Teas does more harm then benefits… it’s very high in fluoride content! Fluoride in tea is much higher than the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) set for fluoride in drinking water. Also contains Aluminum!

Please read articles titled: Green Tea, Fluoride & the Thyroid, it’s a bit lengthy but well worth reading

And Fluoride Content in Black Tea, White Tea, Green Tea, and Oolong Tea ~ Loose Leaf Tea Health Benefits and Tea Dangers

In closing, I would only use organic young tea leaves & buds from reliable sources.


I recycled mayonnaise jars – Contents: Toasted Organic Brown Rice then mixed Organic Green & Black Young Tea Leaves “Genmaicha” tea mix. 

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